What Is A Club Promoter Agreement?

Being a club promoter has its perks. You can visit the local venues and clubs, meet lots of people, and create rapport with the club managers and guests. However, you may also experience some hassles here and there, just like any other job. One of the hassles of being a promoter is being tricked by unscrupulous club managers. Same goes for club owners who get double-crossed by some dishonest promoters. With that said, it is essential to have a club promoter agreement that will tie in both parties’ concerns to keep everything fair and just.

The following are essential details that should be present in your club promoter agreement:

Introduction – This is the first section in the club promoter agreement. The parties involved in the agreement – you and the club manager – should be included. The type of arrangement also needs to be specified on the structure of the agreement.

Obligations – This section states about the promoter’s obligation as understood by the club. It may include the creation of a promotions team which will take care of the distribution of advertising materials. The obligations of the club as understood by the club promoter should be presented in this section, and these may include adequate security, sound system and lighting.

Compensation – This is the most negotiated clause within the club promoter agreement. The arrangement between the club and promoter, and the payment structure should be clearly stated here.

Costs and expenses – The club promotion’s expenses should be covered in this section.

Term – The duration of the terms that consist the club promoter agreement must be specified in this section. The premature termination of agreement and the resulting stipulations should also be outlined in this section.

Before you go to the clubs and as a newbie in this business, you need to get yourself a club promoter agreement. You can prepare your own written agreement and have it printed, signed and presented to the club managers that you negotiate with. If you have the means to get a lawyer, you should can ask for legal assistance with regards to the club promoter agreement. Whichever is more cost-effective and available to you, any kind of documented agreement is considered binding. Just ensure that you’ll secure another one from an attorney once you have years of experience as a club promoter.

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