Useful tips when conducting a SWOT analysis

A large number of companies understand the importance of SWOT analysis, however, some organizations aren’t very keen about the right procedures when conducting a SWOT analysis. First, some employees in the organization may not have the enough skills in organizing a planning session. Although most managers are adept on performing their functional roles in their own department, that does not guarantee their effectiveness in conducting a SWOT analysis. Furthermore,team leaders or managers are really not objective when conducting their own SWOT analysis. What should be done then? Read the following guidelines that can be very helpful when conducting a SWOT analysis. Having said that, the guidelines discussed can also be used by smaller groups like a department or a committee.

Basically, it is vital to delegate someone that would act as facilitator of the SWOT analysis. This requires someone who is objective and has good logical thinking. The person must be equipped with good communication skills and can manage conflict in case some team members argue. In some cases, organizations invite a third-party to facilitate strategic planning which requires conducting SWOT analysis at the very beginning.

Second, all required information must be prepared weeks before conducting a SWOT analysis. These information can include sales figures, marketing reports or even financial reports in case a strategic planning session is being conducted.The SWOT analysis must determine all external opportunities and threats and that includes updates in government regulations as well as new competitors. All departments involved must submit beforehand significant developments in their area that greatly contributes to the efficiency when conducting a SWOT analysis.

Third, assign a person who would collate all the notes during the session. This person acts as a secretary and would not participate during the SWOT analysis. All the notes must be disseminated later to all the participants of the planning session so they can monitor their progress.

Lastly,keep in mind that the outcome of conducting a SWOT analysis depends on every body’s participation. Everyone must willingly cooperate and bring out their concerns if they have any. Thoroughly discuss the reason and the purpose behind the activity so that participants are aware of such.

Once you have followed the guidelines on conducting a SWOT analysis, you would observe that the result of the planning session is productive and organized.

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