The Zeitgeist Verses The Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

All around the world people are losing their jobs, cars and homes to the banks apparently due to the global financial status of the world. The consumer bankruptcy attorneys are hard at work currently trying to change the laws for the benefit of the consumer. However the consumer bankruptcy attorneys may try and change this law about repossession of homes and vehicles, which have already gone way over board, most owners themselves are still to blame. Some of us sit doing our work day in and day out, while others live off the governments charity, either because they are too lazy to find other work or because they are not creative enough to start their own little business to earn some form of income if they are quite capable of working.

Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys: Debt Is 90% Hypothetical Money

The problem in the world today is that so much credit has already been dished out, and it has been proven with the help of the consumer bankruptcy attorneys that the banks are only supposed to be able to loan out on a one to one ratio. In other words if they loan you $1000 they are supposed to have a spare $1000 to cover it, but this is not how the monetary system works, as they tend to lend you ninety percent of hypothetical money.
It has been said that there is truly enough money in the world to go around, but for the consumer bankruptcy attorneys to prove this on black and white would be the biggest mission in their own lives. The main function of the consumer bankruptcy attorneys job is to protect the consumer however possible from the debt collectors that seem to hound customers that have made arrangements to pay diligently, even though it is not what the creditor would like, but none the less and agreement. Harassment charges could be brought on the company doing this if there is an agreement in place.

Targeting The Majority

Since there is a huge difference between the corporate bankruptcy attorney and the consumer bankruptcy attorneys around, a lot of effort and time is spent on the individuals as companies have over the years just dished out credit to whoever’s name pops up on their screens. In times of hardship, greed, or self indulgence new debt is made from a credit card which was mailed to them originally. The law for mailing lines of credit has come to a stop already in most countries thankfully.

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