Sources of SWOT analysis example

A large number of business students are always searching for a SWOT analysis example since they are required to do some planning in their business subjects. Frequently, marketing subjects require students to do some strategic planning for a case study so they need a SWOT analysis example. Although professors would often discuss in class the features of a SWOT analysis, the SWOT analysis example they would present would be very basic. In case you are an entrepreneur or a manager, you would also be in need of a SWOT analysis example which you can demonstrate to your co-workers or team members in a planning session. This is mainly the purpose of this article, to direct you to sources of SWOT analysis examples.

One great source of SWOT analysis example would be no other than business books. Books like The Portable MBA and marketing textbooks usually contain SWOT analysis example. In many instances, you can even collect more information about the SWOT analysis and gain better understanding about each factor. This would correctly guide you on how to create your own SWOT analysis and apply it to your own business organization. Normally,a SWOT analysis example is based on an existing organization like Wal-Mart. A large organization is examined closely in a SWOT analysis example since all the factors are indicated. The more stable and long existing an organization, the better SWOT analysis example is shown. So in most cases, expect a SWOT analysis example from existing big organizations.

Another good source of SWOT analysis example would be the Internet. There are many websites that fully discuss the features of a SWOT analysis. For this reason, you would see different SWOT analysis example that you can use. Some sites that can help you out are quickmba, marketing teacher, businessballs and gliffy. There are also numerous PDF files online that presents SWOT analysis examples of public organizations that shows you the current situation of a certain department. Docstock is also a good site where other business documents can be viewed aside from SWOT analysis example. The good thing about these aforementioned sites is that they require no payment. In a short period, you can download whatever SWOT analysis example that you need.

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