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Gold keeps rising in value while other currency is dwindling. Thanks to this increasing value, gold is a great place to invest your money and a useful tool for managing your finances. As you prepare to purchase or sell your gold, you must take certain precautions. Keep reading to maximize the profit on the sale of your gold.

TIP! If you are going to buy a particular gold piece from any seller, be certain that you know exactly when to expect the delivery. To ensure timely delivery request a confirmation on the shipping date.

If you are buying gold jewelry as a gift, make sure you have a money back guarantee. It is hard to tell if that jewelry is going to fit another person, or if that person is going to want it. By ensuring that the dealer offers a return policy, you can help protect yourself.

If you decide to mail your gold to a buyer, find out how much mailing and insuring these items will cost you and how much you will have to pay to have the items mailed back to you in case you do not accept the buyer’s offer. Many companies offer free shipping but charge more for mailing items back. You want to know what those charges might end up being before you decide to send them your gold.

TIP! If you are thinking about selling some of your gold jewelry, know what the going market price for gold is. That way you will be able to ascertain if a dealer is providing you with a fair price or not for your pieces.

Be sure you know about the gold in your possession. Not all that looks as if it’s real gold is as valuable as the real thing. Usually gold is mixed with other metals to give it strength. This results in a price reduction. Items that are just plated in gold can also be affected. If you don’t know exactly what you have, consider an appraisal.

Talk to someone at a gold party to learn how they figure out the number of karats in a jewelry piece. Many pieces of jewelry will be stamped with a karat rating. Sometimes, however, you won’t be able to see any kind of a stamp, so the people should have another way to figure these things out. Dealers using an acid test may be newcomers, as this is a very basic test.

TIP! Realize that all items containing gold have some sort of resale value to dealers. Gold pieces can be anything from jewelry to tableware, even home decor.

You should rely primarily on independent, personal research to learn about the market for gold before investing in it. Some people will make false claims to try and get you to invest. But, beware of over the top promises about getting wealthy. Gold won’t get you rich overnight, so don’t expect as much.

Be certain to review the sales contract carefully. If you’re looking at selling gold through a mail-in dealer, you will want to know all the finer details that entails the process. You’ll then know the amount of your profit that will go to fees and commissions.

TIP! If you will be selling your gold, shop around for best prices. Bear in mind that the market price for gold you can find online (the “spot”) is only an average; different dealers will offer you different prices under (or even over) the spot.

The purchase and sale of gold is still a trend; however, there is favorable reason for it. Gold keeps growing in value, providing terrific returns. Just keep in mind that it is important to consider important buying and selling tips if you’re going to be entering the gold market. Read this piece and use its guidance to get the very best outcome possible.