How to make a SWOT analysis Template

A SWOT analysis template is a graphic presentation of a SWOT analysis. Ordinarily,individuals involved in planning would find themselves constructing a SWOT analysis template so they can easily view their ideas. Before beginning a SWOT analysis template, it would be helpful to know what a SWOT analysis really is. A SWOT analysis is a planning method used to assess the Strengths, Weaknesses , Opportunities and Threats that must be taken into account when doing a project or launching a business. The SWOT analysis would clearly present to the business owner or managers both the external and internal factors that could be favorable or unfavorable to the whole organization. The SWOT analysis was first introduced by Albert Humphrey during the 1960s in a convention at Stanford University. At the same time, it is imperative to state your business objectives before proceeding with the SWOT analysis template. By following the steps listed, you would be able to design a SWOT analysis template: First, you have to draw a square divided into four equal parts. Each section must be labeled by the following: Strengths, Weakness, Threats and Opportunities.

Second, know all the inherent strengths that your business posess. List them in the box titled as Strengths. Strengths can include factors like strong brand name or good distribution channels. It must be found only within the organization. Just follow this step for Weaknesses as well. List down in the box all present weaknesses that the business is trying to overcome. Be as honest as possible so the problems can be corrected later during the planning session.

Third, proceed to the two remaining boxes – Threats and Opportunities. Keep in mind that these are external part of the environment such as new products that could be a substitute to your own or new regulations that could be helpful or make things difficult for your business. After completing all the boxes, you have now a SWOT analysis template. Other members of the group can also share their opinion so brainstorming is necessary.

In case you need a complete SWOT analysis template, there are many websites that you can download from. There are several SWOT analysis template for free while while others require payment.

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