Hate Being Ripped Off? Get A Club Promoter Contract

Working as a club promoter can be very lucrative for someone who’ll give it a try. However, there’s a huge possibility of being ripped off by a bad club manager if you don’t have a club promoter contract to protect you. Without this document, it is easier for those unfair clubs to rip you off without warning. And it is also difficult to demand because these folks will tell you that no written contract means no bearing on your payment claims.

You need to be mindful especially when dealing with money-matters. And being in the club promotion industry, you need to have a club promoter contract on-hand if ever something comes up. This contract will help you earn fairly and in accordance to your agreement with the club managers that you deal with.

Below are the three types of club promoter contract:

There are club promoters who charge on a per person basis and on a specific night. A fixed price per person is usually set and a club promoter can earn as much as he/she can, as long as more clubbers will be brought in. This is advantageous for those who have a wide network of friends and contacts.

The second type of club promoter contract involves a percentage or commission on the total earnings of the club on food, drinks, entrance fees, and other sales. This contract is more applicable to the average club promoter.

The most common agreement is that the club promoter will earn all the admission fees while the club manager will take the share from the earnings of the food and drinks. A club owner and promoter with an established business partnership usually has this type of agreement.

The option chosen by the manager and promoter is the basis of the club promoter contract. Aside from the cash commission stated in the contract, some club promoters demand free food and drinks during an event. If you wish to get involved in this type of business, ask advice from a professional and you better prepare your contract so you can get a fair share of the deal.

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