Create your own SWOT analysis chart

A lot of people would like to make their own SWOT analysis chart. Truth be told, making your own SWOT analysis chart is not that hard. Nevertheless, it is a task that requires some early preparation since there are several information that must be gathered before one can accomplish a comprehensive SWOT analysis chart. Similarly, it would be preferable to plot a SWOT analysis chart along with other team members since two heads are really better than one. But before you begin plotting a SWOT analysis chart, it would be beneficial if you know the reason why people make a SWOT analysis after all. The answer is simple: A SWOT analysis chart enables a business or a company to evaluate internal and external factors that can help them improve their performance. The following steps can help you create your own SWOT analysis chart: First, try to download a SWOT analysis chart tool or software from some websites. Often,online business sites offer such software using excel format. If you want to design your own without using software, then you can also manually draw a SWOT analysis chart by making a square thats equally divided into four sections. Then, you can label each area with the four factors included in a SWOT analysis like: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Be certain that you are aware of the purpose of this activity at the very beginning.

Second, start brainstorming by asking your team mates or co-workers about their ideas or comments. Assign someone who can really be a great facilitator. This person must be very objective and handle the brainstorming session in a logical manner. This would be a good time to thresh out all the issues and concerns especially when you are evaluating the weaknesses. Even so, it is really important to begin with the strengths area first. Every member is required to be truthful when citing all the factors that would be listed in the SWOT analysis chart. If you want good results, try to cover all issues and categorize them accordingly to the four factors.

Lastly, take note of all the discussions from the very beginning. Categorize,sort, and list all the factors making sure that everything is covered. It would definitely take some time to accomplish this but it would be worth the effort.

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