A guide to understanding “What is a mystery shopper?”

Millions of individuals are constanly looking for other job opportunities that could possibly break their usual routine especially from their daily jobs. A lot of individuals have not realized yet the value of becoming a mystery shopper to earn some cash. So, what is a mystery shopper? Perhaps, you might have heard of this before from someone but you were not interested at all. This article would explain the important role of mystery shopping as a research tool for companies who need feedback about their services and product’s performance.

What is a mystery Shopper?

Nowadays,competition among companies are tough so they need tools to assess their performance and services. Mystery shoppers play an important rule in giving the companies feedback about services. Quite simply,a mystery shopper is a person who poses as an ordinary customer by visiting business establishments. During 1940s,mystery shoppers were already common in the US but mainly for evaluating the service given by employees. The question “What is a mystery shopper?’ is actually a research approach in assessing a company’s services so it can become very competitive in the long run. Various tools are often used by mystery shoppers, among them: questionnaires, audio and video recordings, pictures etc. Mystery shopping would benefit any industry, with the most common venues being retail stores, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, fast food chains, banks, gas stations, car dealerships, apartments, health clubs and health care. Nonetheless, mystery shopping must be done in an ethical manner ; hence, the Trade Organization for Mystery Shopping Providers ( MSPA) has defined a Code of Professional Standards and Ethics Agreement for Mystery Shopping Providers and for Mystery Shoppers .

Specific details that mystery shoppers must include in their feedback:

*how long it takes before the mystery shopper is greeted

* the name of the employees

*the sales arguments used by the employee

* how the employee closed the sale and if there was any at all

* whether the employee suggested any add-on sales * if the employee invited the shopper to visit the store again

* cleanliness of store and store employees

*speed of service

These are just some of the items that can be reported but other observations can also be included in the report. Indeed, becoming a mystery shopper is not just for fun or some cash, it is a serious task that helps companies improve their services to consumers.

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